Dear How I Met Your Mother,


Inspired by your show, we have created a successful nonprofit that has raised over $30,000 for Multiple Sclerosis.


Hopping 4 A Cure has been hosting hopscotch tournaments since 2011 when my friend and I “Suited Up” in High School and told our peers we were the first two official members of a fake Varsity Hopscotch Club. The money raised is used for college scholarships, caregiver support, and alternative medical research for MS.


I am David Nassau, a Second year Innovation Academy Student at the University of Florida and Founder of “Hopping 4 A Cure.” There are two reasons why I am writing you. First, to make you aware of some of the effects your show has had not only to the fans of the show, but also the impact on thousands of others who are affected by Multiple Sclerosis by attended a Hopping 4 A Cure event or donated to our cause.


Second, there is a lot of excitement surrounding our organization and we have a host of ideas on where we want to go in the near future. We would like to invite you all to be featured guests at one of our next events when we attempt to break a Guinness World Record.


None of this would have been possible without the inspiration your show has provided us. Please take this as a sincere Thank You to you, the writers, the cast, and the whole ‘How I Met Your Mother’ family for your help.



David Nassau



I’ll leave you with my favorite TED Talk about “Lollipop Moments” similar to the moment I first started watching the show and decided to wear a Suit to my high school.

Here is Drew Dudley’s Talk on Everyday Leadership

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