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H4AC Annual Scholarship

Every year, each Hopping 4 A Cure chapter raises money through organizing hundreds of events, volunteering thousands of hours, ultimately raising money and awareness for those in our local communities diagnosed with and affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

The goal: At least one $1,500 Annual Scholarship per chapter.

 Are you or a direct family member diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis? Need financial assistance for higher level education?


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible?

Hopping 4 A Cure awards scholarships to individuals who are:

  • Diagnosed with, or immediate family member is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Attending an accredited school/University with a local Hopping 4 A Cure chapter

Preference towards:

  • Need-based applications
  • Active members of their community

When do I apply?

Dates for Hopping 4 A Cure scholarships vary based on chapter schedles and local school calendars. Please contact your local chapter leaders for specific application timelines and deadlines.

Local chapters are only able to award money the local chapter raises in increments of $1,500.

What is the process?

Once local chapters raise enough for a $1,500 scholarship, applications will be posted & promoted the following Quarter/Semester. Application needs to be open for a minimum of 3 months, and shared broadly to ensure an equal and fair awareness cycle to all members of our local communities.

After the deadline, our local chapter leaders and Board of Directors review each application that meets our eligibilty (above), and provide a decision back to our local chapter leaders. The local chapter leaders count as 2 votes, and each member of our board count as 1 vote, equaling 7 total votes.

Additional voting rounds may be necessary.

Past Scholarship Recipients

Kayla V.

My mom (Dx. when Kayla was 8) is my best friend. my number one supporter and is the strongest person that I know. She does not let anything hold her back and works hard to show my brother and I how we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

Michael Brown - UF Hopping 4 A Cure Scholarship Recipient

Michael B.

Multiple Sclerosis forced me to grow into a much better person than I was before my diagnosis. I appreciate life, family, friends, and every part my existence so much more.

Javai B.

“Multiple Sclerosis taught me that if I can’t get to a goal to then find another path, not give up on the goal. Multiple Sclerosis has impacted my life by making me a different, and better, young woman.”

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